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Get a personalised report to help you introspect your Employability Skills Index

Graduates Holding Diplomas

A step closure to become relevant to the industry needs 


All-encompassing solution to meet the needs of global citizenship and employability

Our Why

"Why around 33% of the formally trained youth - both men and women - remained jobless?"

"Why are 80% of engineers in India unemployed?"

"Why 35000 teachers and millions from other industries were laid off during the recent pandemic?"

We often come across these headlines and wonder what is missing in our education system, that despite having sound technical knowledge, people still grapple at their current workplace or remain unemployed. 

We, at SkillsReform, aim to bridge these gaps by offering a platform to the people in India by identifying and honing the required skill set to a successful future. Our core area of work is the "action" between the challenges and the recommendation reports. With 1.5 billion young children across the globe looking up to someone for answers to their challenges, we are that someone guiding them with our skills and experience. 


The objective of this platform is to guide and enhance the three A's (adversity, adaptability, and agility) that are common to any role or industry. This idea will allow users to meet and interact with mentors who can help them realize their full potential and choose the best career of their choice.

Our Mentors

Mentee Speak

At the end of every written piece produced, I felt like I have been making a difference: in my skillset and for those around me. Spectacular mentorship, meaningful work, and a highly motivated team were the ingredients that made my tenure a success.

Ananya Khemka, Christ University 2020

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