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To create a sustainable ecosystem for skill augmentation of individuals and organizations that is aligned with global industry needs. 



To become the preferred choice of individuals, for grooming the existing talents and to make a strong workforce of tomorrow. To achieve this, we will:


  • ensure our services are accessible and accommodate our clients' need.

  • impart skills training and education to people, providing pathways to advance in their life and careers.

  • collaborate with other organisations and people to achieve mutual goals.

  • reinvest our profits to grow the services we provide to the community, nation and the world.

Core Values


Passion for us is an opportunity to grow embracing at every challenge.


We respect individuals, value teamwork, and celebrate their achievements.


We strive to achieve the balance between accountability and transparency


We embrace and appreciate the diverse perspective, experience, culture and knowledge


We believe that every individual can evolve and become the best version of  their personal and professional selves

Our Founders

WhatsApp Image 2020-10-03 at
Chetna Sabharwal


Working for 20+ years at the carrefour of education, psychology, mathematics and career guidance, the final call so far comes into all encompassing ‘social entrepreneurship’. As a convinced believer of “multipotentialities”, she mentors her clients across all ages to reach their optimum potential through life coaching, assessments, study paths, therapy sessions and skill development. 

Conferred with various awards like “Expert of the year” by, “Jeevan Kaushal Ratna Award” for her excellence in counselling Services at National level and ‘Top 25 Mentors of India’ by Think CIQ. She contributes to social endeavors like career counselling, coping with math phobia, teacher training and positive parenting by workshops/trainings and sessions. Her overseas travel for educational assignments to countries like Australia, USA, Canada, Singapore, UAE and New Zealand has widened her horizon in global education.


Chetan Khurana-SkillsReform.png
Chetan Khurana


He is an alumnus of IIM-Lucknow, an innovator, international speaker and entrepreneur with 15 years of experience in Media, Consulting, and Education. Skilled in various aspects of business strategy, formation, operations, and management with a major focus on “Business Execution Excellence”.

His recent laurel includes ‘Promising Entrepreneur 2022- Under 40, in Skills Augmentation Category by Business Mint and his venture SkillsReform was awarded and listed in the ‘Top 10 startups in Delhi-2021'.

With the focus on “bridging the skills gap and transforming lives”, he has mentored 1000+ students and helped various entrepreneurs in idea execution, reaching the revenue stage and raising funds.

As Founders of SkillsReform, we are looking forward to upskill millions of youth and working professionals, and also to collaborate with organisations for our revolutionary mentorship program.

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