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In the midst of an ever-expanding skills gap and the complexity surrounding career decisions, our Skill Quotient Assessment (SQA) presents a valuable opportunity to reevaluate your educational and professional skill set.

These assessments play a pivotal role in uncovering latent skills essential for navigating the evolving landscape of the future workforce. A higher skill quotient not only signifies a heightened potential for success in your chosen career trajectory but also facilitates seamless adaptability as circumstances evolve.

Our meticulously personalized and comprehensive assessment report empowers you to reflect on your career and employability skills index. Furthermore, you have the option to partake in a one-on-one session with our seasoned mentors, who offer invaluable guidance and support in charting your path forward.


Schedule an assessment with Skills Reform and allow our expert team to steer you towards the most suitable assessment for your unique profile. Our personalized approach ensures that you receive a customized assessment tailored to your requirements, laying a robust groundwork for your educational journey.

  • 1 hr

    499 Indian rupees
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