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Frequently Asked



Skills Assessment

How should I take the Skills Assessment?

Fill up the details with a valid email id and the assessment link will be shared with you.


Is there any fee for Skills Assessment?

There is no fee/charge for the assessment.


How much time does it take for the assessment?

It's a comprehensive assessment to check your competencies. It will take 20-25 minutes approx. 


How will I receive my report?

The report is received on your registered email id as soon as you complete the test.


Will there be any help extended in understanding / interpreting the report?

This Skill Assessment Quotient Report is self-explanatory and gives an idea to the taker about which competencies need improvement. You may book a session with our mentors listed for this purpose.

Skills Centres

What is the skills centre?

A Skills Centre at school/college level caters to the needs of the institution and encompasses all solutions at one place. Please book a demo session for further details.


How does it work?

The centre services offered are need-specific yet give the complete solution for the career guidance/placement requirements of any institution, raising the employability quotient of the institutions and their students. Please book a demo session for further details.


How should I book a demo?

Click on book a demo here and our representative will contact you within 24-48 hours.


What is the pricing for the services?

All packages for the Skills Centre are customised and the best price is offered after initial discussion with the stakeholders. 

Mentorship Program

How should I choose a mentor?

Take a look at the specialization of each mentor and see what skills set you wish to work upon.


Is it a one-to-one program?

Mentorship program is a flexible offer with both options: one-to-one or a group of 5-10 to ensure the enhancement of certain employability skills. It would also depend on the chosen schedule by you with a specific mentor.


What will be the duration of each session?

A 40-60 min session is the standard offer by Skills Reform. Each mentor has a freedom to take up the session further if required. 


How many sessions are given by each mentor?

The session may vary between 2 to 5 hours.


What is an extended guidance package?

The extended guided package includes the following services:

  • Coaching for career/job/placement

  • Choosing further psychometric tests

  • Hand holding till the completion of services via calls/admin support


Who are Volunteer mentors?

Our initiative at Skillsreform has resonated well with the industry and the academician both. As we believe that each human being brings a value to this world, our volunteer mentors are the ‘giving souls’, who have agreed to go beyond the standard services offered by us and have chosen to guide the youth or anyone in need.


How can I become a mentor with Skills Reform?

Sign up with us here or write to us at to become a mentor with us.

Skills Certification

What is Skills Certification?

Skills Certification is a verification that you have completed the offered modules qualitatively. We do not provide marks/ranks/grades or any such quantitative analysis. The final outcome is your enhanced skills and the confidence that will take you to the path of career success.


How should I choose the level?

While the modules are well-graded for each segment, you may either take a look at the specific skills set that are offered in each module or book a guidance session with us by signing up.


How will I receive my certificate?

The completion certificate is delivered to the registered email id.

How should I book my module?

Step 1: Click on the book now of the skills set and the level as per the qualification (School going/College Going/Working executives).

Step 2: The click takes you to the details of each module where you can click the book now tab.

Step 3: Choose the date/time in the calendar to schedule your session.

Step 4: Fill up the complete details for registration/certification/payment.

Step 5: Pay the required fee

Step 6: An invoice for the payment will be delivered to your mail.


What’s the duration for each Module?

The duration of each module of every level and other deliverables are mentioned here


Can I take two or three modules together?

We suggest to go with one level at a given time. You may book as many modules as per your choice as per your preference but try to complete them in graded phase as designed.


How are the modules delivered?

Each module is hand-picked to cater to the multiple learning styles of our clients. The variety in the learning process is what sets us apart from the rest. The best features are 


  • Audio-visual clips

  • One-to-One guided sessions

  • Self-paced progress with 2-way feedback process

  • Reflective Practice Assignments

  • Final outcome is the satisfactory visible product

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