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Career Centre
for Institution

The concept of Skills Centre is developed on the basis of numerous research reports at national and international levels. The skills gap and unemployability are directly proportional to each other. With National Education Policy 2020 emphasizing on skill development right from middle-school years to universities, what we offer here is an all-encompassing solution to meet the need of global citizenship and employability. Our research based design takes into account the following:​​​

  • Need analysis for the institution

  • Creating a skill based career curriculum

  • Establishing a self-sustainable Career Guidance Centre





Need Analysis of the School

Based on the survey from all the stakeholders 

Create a Career Curriculum

A skill based inclusive program for grade 9 to 12

Establishing a self-sustainable CGC

With a hand holding for a year, the centres will become future hubs of education

Solution for Schools

Career Guidance Centres


  • Deficit of 1.4 million career counselors in schools

  • Preparation for 21st century Skills and not careers only

  • Early interventions and training will help in controlling human resource wastage

Solution for Colleges/Universities

Career Transition Centres


  • Lack of training on industry specific placements and skills

  • For a seamless solution to curb unemployability and better career transitions

  • A highly educated Indian youth is more than five times as likely to be unemployed as an uneducated one.

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